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Paço de Mato’s House - The Paço de Mato house, a T2 typology, has a suite with a double bed, a bathroom and another bedroom with two individual beds in the upper level. The living room and the kitchen are located in the ground floor.

After arriving to Trebilhadouro, there’s a feeling that can be described as a return to the typical spirit of a village hidden in the midst of the mountain, at an altitude of approximately 625 mts and sheltered from the winds that come from the North. From the top of these hills it is possible to contemplate the sea and the Aveiro river estuary, as well as other coastal towns, the entire Cambra Valley and the Freita Ridge. It is also in this place that a stream flows down into River Caima, whose waters irrigate the neighbouring villages’ fields. The landscape is green, with the ledged slopes and water as integrating elements. The stony houses speckle the corners that characterize this region of the country. Confined in its northern limits by the mountain slopes of Freita Ridge and a somewhat irregular shape, the landscape includes the slides of the mountains and hilltops, like the alignments Cumeeira-Lomba, Gorda-Trebilhadouro and Barraca-Devesa. The villages are located under the 600 mts height, distributed downhill over the slopes.

RNET n.º 4481 - Casa de Campo


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