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Casas no Campo

Discover Casas no Campo

Wake up your senses and discover the beauty of the countryside.

TURIHAB and CENTER select for you a group of “Casas no Campo” (rural tourism, country homes, cottages and rustic houses), an invitation to enjoy the nature, the outdoor sports, and to relax in family.

From North to South of Portugal, Casas no Campo are refuges of independence an comfort, located in harmony with the environment and the surrounding landscapes, they gives you the opportunity to explore the best of Portugal, in the company of your family and friends.

With traditional architecture, renovated with taste and comfort, Casas no Campo offered exclusive facilities as private pool or private gardens, that means the Place (house and. the grounds) is exclusively occupied by you and your group.

In Casas no Campo you have more than the privacy and independence of a Country house, you can request the most exclusive extra services such as: Driver, Cooker, Babysitter, Butler, Massages, guides, external activities, and others.

Feel at home. Bring your family and friends to the countryside and enjoy Casas no Campo.

Casas no Campo, your holiday’s home in the countryside.

Aldeias de Portugal

Visit Aldeias de Portugal

Going back to Portuguese roots, is the invitation of Aldeias de Portugal, with the experience of even the briefest contact with a more simple and peaceful way of life, in touch with nature.

Singular rural Villages, reconverted in “Turismo de Aldeia” (rural tourism), insinuated in idyllic landscapes, preserving an express past of traditions which are testified by its buildings, people, culture, uses and customs.

These villages provide the return to the origins and the reviver of many memories that testify the past. In a natural environment it is possible to contemplate the built and cultural heritage and the inheritance of the agricultural, the arts, the traditions and the crafts of its population, the farming activity, the landscape and the products of the land. The Aldeias de Portugal guarantee the possibility to be lodged in a traditional house, to delight the typical gastronomy, to acquire handicraft, to enjoy activities such as bird-watching, horse riding or just walk through wonderful paths...

Aldeias de Portugal,
in touch with nature…

Solares de Portugal

Foto de uma casa das Aldeias de Portugal

Anyone with a sense of history and a desire to discover the real Portugal cannot fail to be captivated by the treasury of experiences offered by the Solares de Portugal, manor houses, stately homes, (Casas Antigas), Estates, farmhouses (Quintas e Herdades), country homes and cottages (Casas Rústicas), certified with the ERS 3001 and “Marca Portugal”, guarantees of quality.

Their charm and ambiance takes hold of the imagination in many different ways.

From the moment you walk through the entrance there is a magic in the air and a tranquillity that will make the stress of everyday life seem a million miles away.

Guests at Solares de Portugal will find a range of leisure opportunities at their disposal, such as Golf, fishing, swimming, rambling, tennis, horseback riding, cycling and wine tasting, always in harmony with nature.

A timeless muse whispers from every corner and blends the nostalgia of the past with the beauty and colour of the present, and the hope in the future.

Solares de Portugal, you arrive as a guest and you leave as a friend